To the best of my knowledge the tubers you receive from me are true to name and disease free.  The tubers are guaranteed to have one "eye".  If you have a problem with a tuber, please let me know within 7 days of delivery.  I cannot be responsible for failure of a tuber due to poor growing conditions or gardening practices.  When your dahlias arrive please inspect the tubers to make sure your order is correct.  Guarantee is valid for the current growing season.



According to the American Dahlia society, an average of 87% of healthy dahlia plants carry at least one dormant virus. Virus testing can be very expensive with many different tests for many different viruses. There is no guarantee that the plant won't get infected anytime after the testing took place. Therefore, I don't do testing but cull any symptomatic plants or plants that are not growing like they should. We also spray our plants routinely with fungicides and insecticides for good control of diseases and insects. Only tubers are sold from plants that have had vigorous growth and no signs of viruses during the previous growing season. Therefore, due to the prevalence of viruses and the inability to determine when a tuber has been infected, refunds are not provided for a tuber that is found to have a virus after purchasing.